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  • One of our most popular items for First Communion gifts, The Original Mealtime Prayer Cube enables your family to slow down to give thanks; it is also a great way to teach positive prayer habits to the kids. It is also known as a “table grace die” perfect for remembering to say grace at the dinner table.

    In today’s hectic environment, the simple acts that serve to center a family and cultivate gratefulness for the gifts we’re given seem to have fallen by the wayside. Now children of all ages can lead the family in prayer before each meal at home with the aid of one of our prayer cubes.

    Six Ways to Cultivate GratefulnessHere are the six prayers, one included on each of the sides of the dice.

    1. Bless our food, dear God we pray, and bless us, too throughout this day. Keep us safe and close to you. Keep us just in all we do. Amen.

    2. We thank you, Lord, for generous hearts, for sun and rainy weather. We thank you, Lord, for drink and food, and that we are together. Amen.

    3. For life and food, for love and friends, for everything Thy Goodness sends, Almighty God, we thank Thee. Amen.

    4. Thank you for the earth so sweet. Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you, God, for everything! Amen.

    5. God, bless this food we are about to receive. Give bread to those who hunger, and hunger for charity and justice to us who have bread. Amen.

    6. Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Original Mealtime Prayer Cube

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