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  • A popular items for those looking for Christian gifts for kids from 5 until.... this Bedtime Prayer Cube helps teach kids positive prayer habits and a grateful attitude to end each day. Our lives are quite busy and we do not always practice offering prayer at the end of the day; the Bedtime Cube will help to make prayer fun and will help teach kids to lead the family in prayer before going to bed. A fun way to teach a centering habit that will benefit the kids for their whole lives.

    Here are the six prayers included in the Bedtime Cube, one on each side:

    Here are the six prayers included with the Bedtime Prayer Cube (one on each side):

    1. Good evening, God, I come to rest. I hope today I did my best. Forgive me if I missed Your mark. Be with me always in the dark. Amen

    2. God, I thank you for this day! Be with me while I sleep. Comfort all who weep. Guard your world tonight! Bless us with your might! Amen.

    3. Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. May angels cradle me at night And bless me in the morning light. Amen.

    4. Angels bless and angels keep, angels guard me while I sleep. Bless my heart, bless my home, bless my spirit as I roam. Guide and guard me through the night, wake me with the morning’s light. Amen

    5. God, hold me and bless me, grant me rest. When You are with me, I sleep the best. Amen

    6. Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, watch over me throughout the night, and keep me safe within your sight. Amen

The Original Bedtime Prayer Cube

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