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• Addresses “belonging before believing” and other new patterns for remaking congregations

As we move beyond the “emergent” or “missional” church paradigm, pastors and other church leaders are discovering a new reality: people (especially younger generations)
are coming to church not as believers, but to find a place to belong—with or without faith. This book describes the dilemma and the distractions that currently prevent
congregations from being the place where that sense of belonging can unfold and guide newcomers in the discovery of faith.

The authors argue that despite elaborate talk of change, spirituality, transformation, and conflict resolution, congregations are still mired in old patterns of belonging. Using
broad-based career experiences, surveys of religious life, historical precedent, and insights from social psychology about what it means to belong today, the book suggests
new and effective approaches to help churches make vital connections.

For church leaders (lay and ordained) and seminarians across denominational lines.

A Church Beyond Belief The Search for Belonging and the Religious Future

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